Claudia Hausfeld Under A Glisten of Mud

In an endless circle of creation and decay, we assemble our environments with the debris of former times, other places, old ideas. All things are excavated and reused. Imagined shapes and surfaces, collected through ages of seeing, peel off the bottom of our minds. They make their way through the darkness of our bodies, to emerge at our hands. The latent form needs a manifestation. We pry the Earth open to extract the materials. Then we build. Image upon image, drawn from the recesses of memory, we construct the now and pass it on as another iteration of the past, to be dissected and reassembled in the future.

The exhibition features new works made during the artist’s residency at Trykkeriet. They explore different methods of printing and are installed with construction materials found in the surrounding area of Trykkeriet. The title is taken from the poem The Grauballe Man by Seamus Heaney, about a bog body with the same name.

Claudia Hausfeld (b.1980 in Berlin, GDR) studied photography at the Zürich University of the Arts and visual art at the Iceland Art University. She is primarily concerned with photography and its relationship to reality and space. In her practice, she focuses on analog aspects of the medium and on experimentation with material and surface, resulting in photographic works that border on the sculptural.

Additional to her artist practice, Claudia shares the management of the photography workshop of the Iceland Art Academy. She lives and works in Reykjavík.

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