Trykkeriet Print Award 2022 goes to Charlotte Besuijen


Foreningen Trykkeriet is happy to announce the winner of Trykkeriet Print Award 2022. The award consists of a month’s stay at Trykkeriet in Fjøsangerveien 70A in 2023 here the winner will receive technical assistance to produce and then present the work as an exhibition. The jury from Foreningen Trykkeriet, all artists, are Lisa Him- Jensen, Asbjørn Hollerud and Rita Marhaug.

Foreningene Trykkeriet is a production center for contemporary printmaking in Bergen, established in 2009 by Professor Jan Pettersson and Asbjørn Hollerud. Trykkeriet is open to everyone: courses for children and professional artists, production for new and established artists. We are a non-profit association with three employees and opening hours on weekdays from 10.00-17.00. Artists can for a shorter or longer period make their own productions, paying a reasonable rent.

Every year since Trykkeriet established, we have invited 4-5 artists to do a production in collaboration with us. The guest artist will then have access to one of our master printers, materials and work space for one month. The stay ends with an exhibition in Trykkeriet Visningsrom. These co-productions are part of Trykkeriet’s own collection.

Thursday, before the opening of PICNIC, we spent 3 hours in the exhibition; 27 artists with 27 different approaches to the art field through the choice of themes, materials and techniques. Admittedly, no one in the group has worked with printmaking for their final presentation!

We do not see this fact as an obstacle.

We were especially impressed and charmed by an artist with great openness in meeting her new surroundings, fellow students and colleagues. With freshness, humour and artistic seriousness, she has created a number of site-specific installations which she has documented and presents to us in this exhibition through a series of photographs. We hope and believe that Charlotte Besuijen is an artist who will use this award to challenge both herself and us with this opportunity!

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