Instructor: Asbjørn Hollerud

Location: Fjøsangerveien 70A

Time: 14.10., 12:00— 16:00

Price: FREE!

This course is for children aged 10 years and up!

The course begins with children and parents drawing portraits of each other on plexiglass sheets. The process takes place by holding up the plexi plates directly in front of the face while the other half draws. Each drawing takes between 15-20 minutes before they change. After both have finished drawing, we then go on to scratch the plates using the drypoint technique.

The printing depends on how deep you scratched into the plexi glass. Areas that are to be printed light gray are scratched very faintly, while the areas that are to be black must be scratched deep into the plexiglass.

After the drawing, we will move on to the actual printing, which takes place on an etching press. The printing process starts with inking up the printing plate. The next step is to use a textile (tarlatan) to help the printing ink to get down into the depth of the plate. Finally, the plate needs to be lightly wiped with newspaper print, before it is then ready to be printed on fine cotton printing paper.

The course is made possible with financial support from the Municipality of Bergen.

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