“That Present Absence” – David Rios, Norwegian Printmakers


We are pleased to present documentation from the solo exhibition “That Present Absence” by David Rios at Norwegian Printmakers from 17th – 26th of March . Rios produced the works at Trykkeriet in collaboration with Daniel Persson.

Project description borrowed from the Norwegian Printmakers

With the exhibition “That Present Absence”, David A. Rios tries to define an absence based on the presentations that frame it. As the black hole orbiting the Milky Way can only be observed through the stars it consumes, the exhibited works are experiments in mapping a non-existence. The works are silhouettes of an absent person, object or time – the sum of the works gives shape to the space they surround. The exhibition has its conceptual starting point in a spruce tree which, despite not being part of the exhibition itself, has a strong presence.

Rios’ work is characterized by elaborate and slow processes that give shape to ideas and theories that extend far beyond the walls of the exhibition space. In this way, he manages to stretch the framework both for contemporary graphics and for our idea of ​​what is the boundary between absence and presence.

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