Tag Andersson Tag Andersson

The work of Tag Andersson freely uses a growing vocabulary of geometric and irregular shapes in graphic compositions. His distinctively small-scale works on paper combine elements of open screen printing, drypoint, drawing, and collage, creating layers of tonal ranges through overlay and masking. The compositions are not predetermined, but rather take shape through a kind of sculpture-like “stacking,” whereby one element dictates the placement of another.

A persona that first appeared in 2015, Tag Andersson is the pseudonym of a Canadian, Bergen-based artist who also works within the frameworks of Lewis & Taggart and the Museum of Longing and Failure (MOLAF). Through these various contexts, his work has been presented at venues such as Entrée, Bergen; Tegnerforbundet, Oslo; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; The Darling Foundry, Montreal; ISCP, New York; The Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw; and Kunstverein Leipzig, Germany. The show at Trykkeriet marks his second solo exhibition as Tag Andersson.

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