Sveinung Rudjord Unneland Spalter

With Andreas Vermehren Holm

In the confusing area where the artists personal interests are in contrast to the ones of the society, Unneland works with his PHD project Urgent Affairs, Strange Empathy. The project springs out from his experience with abstract paintings and questions about its legitimacy, possibilities and limitations. The exhibition at Trykkeriet is part of this body of work. In this exhibition Unneland focus on compilations, hence the title “Spalter” (Columns) which describes both the individual compositions, and how they relate to each other in the gallery space. There is a space between the elements at play. The abysses and the gap, with small crucial rooms and yet invisible at the same time.

In parallel to the exhibition, writer Andreas Vermehren Holm & Unneland are publishing the book “Hvorfor Ryster jeg”? (“Why am I shaking?”). In the book images compiled from trips throughout Pompeii with texts that deals with themes such as climate anxiety and collective psychological phenomenas, distance to the reality and the historical depth in the Anthropocene concept. The book is a collaboration between Ubåt Press, Lord Jim Publishing, Virkelig forlag and Trykkeriet, and will be presented at the end of the exhibition period. In the work lies a desire for a receptivity and attention to the world, as well as a strict idealism combined with an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness.

The PHD work of Unneland is looking into the dilemma between on one hand let the artistic be informed by the current requirements, and on the other hand with the interest for artistic strategies that goes a long way in the opposite direction, to the painterly abstraction and formalism. In the latter there are also things that isn´t possible to express using words to an important role and place.

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