Anders Kjellesvik On the Road

During Spring 2013, Kjellesvik made a large series of prints working with silkscreen and photogravure. The works involves self-experienced and imaginary places and expeditions. Photographical material has been processed into monochromes and expresses a symbolic history. The silkscreen prints has different color nuances while the photogravure prints are printed in black. The series of images might be interpreted as archive photos or random snapshots. Detached observations creates an in between connection. It is an attempt to handle the surroundings; the present, the past and the future. The works has references to visual mass-culture, but without making a clear conclusion. The fragments of daily situations and unfamiliar landscapes creates a sense of movement in different shapes, both mental and physical. It is the reflection of the potential of the medium as well as the documentary and the poetic works. Kjellesvik´s prints also comments and is linked to his other art production, such as painting and sculpture. Anders Kjellesvik (1980) was born and raised at Stord. He has attended the National Art Academy in Bergen, the National Art Academy in Helsinki and The Royal Danish Art Academy. Studio based work is combined with extensive trips and art production in the public space. Parallel to his own individual artistic work, Kjellesvik is also collaborating with Anders Siqueland in the artist group aiPotu. Kjellesvik has exhibited at Galeri Michael Janssen (Berlin), Bristol Biennal 2012, Revolutions forms that turn, Biennale of Sydney 2008, Museo d´Arte Orientale (Torino), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo), GAD (Oslo) and Galleri Hartwich. For more information, and

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