Borghild Rudjord Unneland Not Even the Stones Know

TRYKKERIET is pleased to present a series of new works by Borghild R Unneland  on November 21st from 8 p.m

In collaboration with Borghild R Unneland, Trykkeriet has produced silkscreened and marbeled papers to be released on Saturday November 21st. This is the fourth project this year where Trykkeriet invites an artist to make a new production.

Borghild R. Unneland primarily works with installations. The relationship between the imagined and the materially present is at the core of her work. Contrasts are often the starting point for her projects. Using small and simple means she tries to create strange meetings. Her works can be understood as poetry in physical form, where the established relationships give associative connections – like the stanzas of a poem.

In the project “Not Even the Stones Know” Unneland works in a field ranging from silkscreen print via marbling to collage; from the totally controlled to the floating, almost uncontrollable. She works with different patterns and structures as a base. These give support to and allow for the meeting of abstract forms on the image plane. The project insists on the wordless; silent and bombastic at the same time.

Borghild Rudjord Unneland (born in 1978 in Oslo) lives and works in Bergen. She has her education from Bergen Academy for Art and Design. Since her MA graduation in 2003 she has been an active exhibitor at a number of Norwegian and international galleries, the latest at Skien Art Association, Kristriansand Kunsthall and Gustavsberg Kunsthall in Stockholm. Unneland has been purchased by Bergen Art Museum (KODE). She has also executed several commissioned works, amongst them at  Haraldsplass hospital chapel, Kleppestø Helsetun and  in the town center of Farsund.

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