Azar Alsharif False is More Than Real

For this exhibition Azar Alsharif has retouched, manipulated and recomposed existing images before they have been reproduced as photogravure, silkscreen, digital printing and sculptures in various techniques.

This project emerges from Alsharif´s general approach to art, which is a personal method of manipulating found materials. Books, glossy magazine pages, photos and text become pictures and sculptures processed in different techniques. In her work she attempts to use simple gestures to approach questions on value, and alternative experiences of the accustomed surroundings. Often her process includes recycling textual and visual language from the commercial and urban atmosphere  as well as composing re-representation of nature and other symbols of the non-commercial, and the non-urban.

Alsharif is educated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Exhibitions include No One Should Call You A Dreamer, Gallery F15 , Eyes On Your Instruments, One Night Only, Reshuffling Forest (Hellebou Vol.3), Holodeck, CHROMA II, Volt, Vårutstillingen, Fotogalleriet, FLAG NEW YORK CITY, Performa 13, Tales of Quest, Telemark Kunstnersenter, Høstutstillingen. Statens 126. Kunstutstilling, Kunstnernes Hus, Whileaway, Kunsthall Oslo, Vevringutstillinga 14, Vevring and Entrée at NADA NY. Solo exhibitions include Before You Can Read You Gotta Learn How To See for Galleri Fisk (2010), Knowledge Is Faithful for Rom 8 (2012), 7 Sonnets On Grace for Hovefestivalen (2012), All these shimmering things. They fade so quick., Gallery SPZ, Prague (2013). Everything is everything (…) False is also real, Gallery Blunk (2013) and The distant things seem close (…) the close remote (…) the air is loaded, Entrée, Bergen (2013) and a public work commissioned by Statoil in Bergen finished in 2014.

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