“Colors and Things” by Lotte Konow Lund acquired by KODE museum


Trykkeriet is very pleased to announce that KODE has acquired the etching series Colors and Things by Lotte Konow Lund. The series was originally part of the “Closer to Home” exhibition which was produced and shown at Trykkeriet (October 7th – 29th, 2023).

Text written by Lotte Konow Lund

Colors and Things

Colors and politics have a long history and the meaning of colors has followed and changed with historical events. For example, the color red, which was very difficult to obtain, was for a long time a symbol of wealth and power, but after the French and then the Russian revolution, it became a sign of what was taken from the few and given to the people, “The Red Banner” thus has a wider meaning than background for political statements than it may appear today. In Norway today we think of red as the color of the left, we even have a party called Red, but if you travel to the USA – it is the Republican/Trump’s colours.

In my eyes, the election booth is a strange object that is proportionally related to the human body in height and width, and which more than anything else reminds me of a confessional. Both parts are something you enter into to make some highly private and serious decisions. It is interesting how people place themselves and others in relation to colors and objects, without necessarily having anything to do with truth. In these polarized and depressing times, it is important to remember that one should not judge others based on how something appears at first glance, but instead stop and think about the way we look.



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