Lotte Konow Lund Closer to Home

Lotte Konow Lund grew up in Bergen and opens her first exhibition in her hometown since 2008 at Trykkeriet on 7 October.

Lotte Konow Lund (born 1967) is a Norwegian visual artist who works in a variety of media such as drawing, video, installation, sculpture and text. She has had solo exhibitions at institutions such as Vigelandsmuseet (2011), Stenersenmuseet (2008), Lillehammer Art Museum and Henie Onstad Art Center (2016). In 2025, KODE Stenersen will show a comprehensive exhibition of new and older works by Konow Lund.

Lotte Konow Lund is the author of the books Dagbøkene, 2014-2016 (Teknisk Industri 2016) and Om kunst, 26 kunstnersamtaler (Forlaget Oktober 2021). She is a professor at the University of the Arts in Oslo.

Trykkeriet invited Lotte Konow Lund to explore printing techniques based on her distinctive drawing technique, and over the past year she has produced a series of etchings in collaboration between Trykkeriet and the graphics department at Khio and workshop manager Scott O´Rourke. Konow Lund says about work:

Trykkeriet has given me a unique opportunity to investigate a technique I have not worked with since I was a student at the art school in Rogaland, and which I already felt at home in. I have therefore spent the last year a lot of time to understand the material, the tool and the technique, and have chosen motifs that challenge me in different ways, be it in lines or surfaces with aquatint. Thematically, I have stuck to the close and corporeal, and have wanted the prints to collectively show what I believe is a common experience of danger seeping into our most intimate and private spheres.

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