Tova Fransson Clear Cut

The exhibition shows a series of monoprints in linoleum made during Tova Fransson´s AiR at Trykkeriet October 2021. During her stay, Fransson has explored a series of prints with shapes collected from clear-cut areas in the country side of Värmland, Sweden. She is interested in the clear void or empty space left behind, like a clear cut wound in the surrounding forest.

Tova Fransson’s practice revolves around labour, the industrial age and communication. The starting point being her home region and background growing up in an industrial town in rural area and the relationship to the same. The industry, forest and the heritage.

Fransson’s medium is printmaking and her practice is based on using found material, with everything from letterpress equipment to maps. She works with systems and seriality – to again and again repeat the act of pressing a chosen material to paper and the shifts that occur over time. Each individual print becoming unique, specific and one of a kind. Time and materiality are central aspects of her work.

Tova Fransson (b. 1986, Sweden) holds an MFA from Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Bergen (Norway).

With support from The Swedish Arts Grant Committee, The municipality of Bergen and the Norwegian Arts Council

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