Anna Christina Lorenzen An Uncut Line

The exhibition «An Uncut Line» is a collaborative project between Trykkeriet and Anna Christina Lorenzen. The series of woodcuts (125 cm x 245 cm) makes use of the maximum print format for woodcut printing at Trykkeriet. The woodcuts have been reworked, and the various results have been exhibited at several venues since 2010. In a linear, yet spiral like progression, new layers are added for each project.

The motifs refer to historical gests and postures from the history of visual art (in particular the euro centric). Through the exploration of the body, Lorenzen looks at the connection between different time and cultures in relation to our own time, society, visual imagery and the understanding of ourselves.

Since 2011, Lorenzen has participated in several international artist in residency programs in Kenya, South Africa, India, New York and Barbados.

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