Rita Marhaug Allegori over Nordland

Rita Marhaug (1965) has had great exhibition activity both locally, nationally and internationally. Her work ranges from traditional expressions such as drawing and graphics to installations and performance. This time she returns to the woodcut.

After many years of work with photo-based graphics, Marhaug returns to the expression she developed early in her art through the use of woodcuts in black and white. Her method for further developing this world of images is combinations of hand and machine tools. Analog drawing and digitally controlled milling of the wooden boards have been added to hand-carved details.

The woodcut project ALLEGORI OVER NORDLAND VI is a cycle of seven images in the format 58 x 88 cm. The motifs show people and animal figures in interaction of an ambivalent nature. They are all well-known creatures from our immediate environment, many of them are at the same time also general symbols and so-called “trickster figures”. The fox, the otter and the hare are all typical examples from fairy tales and folk beliefs.

Artist and designer Ivar Bergseth has been the CNC producer for the project .

The project is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council

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