Trykk i sanntid: KARBONFANGST


Trykk i sanntid 02: KARBONFANGST
On Thursday May 12th , we have the pleasure of opening the exhibition Trykk i sanntid (Print in real time) 02: KARBON FANGST at Mottaket in Ålesund.

Opening Thursday 12 May from 19.00-21.00

Opening hours:
Friday 13 May at 12.00-18.00
Saturday 14 May at 12.00-15.00
Sunday 15 May at 12.00-15.00

The exhibition is a collaboration between the graphic workshops Kunstkvarteret print in Lofoten, Foreningen Trykkeriet in Bergen, Tou Trykk in Stavanger, Aggregat in Ålesund, Snefjord atelier and the four artists Hilde Rosenberg Bamarni, Randi Morstøl Emblem, Åse Anda, Kjetil Berge and the poet Jon Ståle Ritland

In 2019, Kjellaug Hatlen Lunde – who has built up Kunstkvarteter printshop, took the initiative for the five-year project Print in real time. The desire was to create contact between printing workshops and artists along the coast, from Stavanger in the south to Snefjord in the north.

Last year on the brightest day of the year, 17 artists came together in Stavanger, Bergen, Ålesund, Lofoten and Snefjord. The theme was carbon capture and the goal was to create a portfolio box. The portfolio in teams with the book CARBON PRINTS from 2020 is the basis for this exhibition there and five of the artists have been invited to create new works for the Reception.

Carbon capture is a concept with a central place in the environmental and climate debate. The substance itself – the element carbon, C, is also a basic factor in the material history of the visual arts, such as black paint and pencil. The more the artist group worked us into the theme, the clearer it became to us that carbon is the building block in most of life on earth: from photosynthesis, which converts CO2 to oxygen so we can breathe, to the food we eat to live. Carbon in pure form can be both coal / soot, graphite and diamond.

It is only a few weeks since the UN Climate Panel presented the last part of its sixth report, where the world’s concrete handsaming of carbon is the topic. Like other social groups, artists are also concerned about climate change. We can not provide technical or political solutions to this field, but hope that our works of art can bring poetic reflection on this existential theme.

The exhibition has a variety of expressions in the many prints in addition to installation, object, photography and text.


Annual editions of artist books / portfolios are an important part of the 5-year project “Trykk i sanntid” initiated by Kunstkvarteter trykk (KK-trykk) in 2019. The first publication was KARBON TRYKK finished in September 2020. The second is KARBON FANGST finished. in March 2022 and the third will be a scroll, KARBON LAGRING, starting in June 2022.

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