Study trip to Kitamura woodcut studio in Kyoto


Asbjørn Hollerud joined a Mokuhanga (Japanese woodcut) course at Kitamura studio in Kyoto in October. The background for the study trip is to let each of the staff at Trykkeriet be able to learn a new print technique at another print studio. At the course Hollerud was particularily fascinated by the inking process of the woodblocks. In western woodcut tradition the inking is typically done with rolling oil based ink on the plate and then printed using a mechanical press. The ink used in Japanese woodcut is water based, and this gives a whole new variety of looks (such as the nice fading effect). Mokuhanga is printed by applying hand pressure, and this also opens up to many new possibilities.

Trykkeriet is currently planning a Mokuhanga production with Piya Wanthiang and Shoichi Kitamura. The production will partly take place in Kyoto and also at Trykkeriet. The final result will be exhibited at Trykkeriet at the end of May 2023. We also hope to organize a Mokuhanga woodcut printshop during May/June 2023. Stay tuned!

The study trip was made possibile with financial support from Vestland fylke.

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