Introduction to silkscreen

Instructor: Dino Dikic

Location: Fjøsangerveien 70A (2nd floor)

Time: 22.01.— 22.01.22, 12:00— 16:00

Price: 1800

The course covers the introductory areas to the silkscreen technique, with an emphasis on the technical aspects. Our main focus will primarily focus on the motif and the printing process. There will be a demonstration of the exposing of silkscreen frames.

The course participants will learn a simple way of color separation by using two motifs and two colors. The silkscreen technique makes it possible to use both drawings, paintings and photographic expressions in a combination with text and other graphical elements.

The printing method first appeared in China & Japan around the late 900 AD, and has later been used frequently for producing advertisement banners and propaganda in the US from the early 19th century. Visual artists gradually started using the technique from the 1930´s. The medium is primarily often linked to the growth of the pop art in the US and in Europe from the late 1950´s and also for the political art in Norway during the 1970´s with the Gras artist group among others.

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