Luke Drozd Messy Spells & Lazy Incantations

Trykkeriet is pleased to open the exhibition “Messy Spells & Lazy Incantations” by Luke Drozd. The opening will start from 7 p.m and be on display in exhibition room #2.

Layering, collaging, shuffling
New views of the same place
On the brink of an unknown future
With echoes from a vanished past
A ghostly wheeze
A belching germy rasp
Reworked as a mixture of symbols and foggy idea(l)s
As messy spells and lazy incantations.

Luke Drozd is a multi-disciplinary artist from the UK and based in Bergen, Norway who works with print, sculpture, sound, performance, film and writing. His work is interested in the forgotten and overlooked, and investigations into the tensions between different materials, processes, objects and words.

The exhibition received support from the Municipality of Bergen

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