Katazome Workshop & Pop up exhibition

Instructor: Masao Kusakabe

Location: Fjøsangerveien 70A

Time: 03.03.— 10.03.24, 13:00— 16:00

Price: 3000 / 2400 (VISP Members)

What is stencil dyeing (Katazome)?

Katazome is a traditional Japanese technique that is the basis of silkscreen. The biggest feature is that you can make patterns by cutting out water-resistant paper. And unlike silk screens and stencils, it is resist dyed. For stencil dyeing, resist dyeing paste is applied to the cut out areas of the paper pattern, and after it dries, the parts that are not coated with resist dyeing paste are colored. The negative and positive shapes created by stencil dyeing are reversed compared to silkscreens and stencils.

Beginning with a contextual introduction, participants will learn the basic principles and methodologies of stencil printing, through drawing and cutting, to key printing and dyeing methods, of simple design ideas.

Testing work will lead to a self-created piece to be presented in a group exhibition at Trykkeriet from March 16th – 20th.


(The workshop time is the minimum amount of time. We may use more time.)


March 3rd (Sunday) 13:00-16:00

1. KATAZOME lecture (explaining stencil dyeing techniques etc. using PC images)

2. Viewing materials (displaying actual patterns and tools)

3. Pattern distribution (thinking about the design) ⇒ Dissolution

On the first day, Kusakabe will use KATAGAMI to give a lecture on the basics of pattern design and resist dyeing.

Starting from the basics, participants will spend two days a week creating and exhibiting works that suit their individual expressions.


March 9th (Saturday) 13:00-16:00

Glue placement ⇒ Drying ⇒ Ground placement ⇒ Drying

(The production procedure will change depending on each participant’s expression.)

March 10th (Sunday) 10:00-16:00

Coloring ⇒ Heat drying ⇒ Washing ⇒ Drying/Complete ⇒ Display

(Because it takes time for the work to dry, we set a longer work time on the last day.)


Prepared items

Design knife

Cutter mat A4 or larger

Hair dryer (bring your own!)

Table (space of A2 or more for each participant)

A sink or a large resin vat (for washing patterns and works)

Pigment/Binder (water-based/heat-dry fixation) Try the ones available at Trykkeriet.


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