Introduction to silkscreen

Instructor: Dino Dikic

Location: Fjøsangerveien 70A

Time: 08.10., 12:00— 16:00

Price: 1800

Silkscreen printing is a graphic printing technique that makes it possible to use both drawing, painting and photographic image expressions in free combination with text and other graphic elements. The course at Trykkeriet is an introductory course, where the participants learn advanced methods for silkscreen printing.

On the course we create simple motifs in either stencil or drawing, we expose/illuminate the frames, as well as printing and washing the frames. The course includes printing technical skills that give the opportunity to rent studio time at Trykkeriet at a later date. All course material is included and requires no prior knowledge or preparation.

Feel free to bring lunch and work clothes

The coffee is on the house 🙂

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