Idun Baltzersen Girls and Horses

It is actually quite annoying to work with printmaking because it constantly leads to pain in my wrists. But  contrary to when I draw, it is the technique that controls me (at least part of the time), and this control results in a dialogue with the material. I believe this interaction has a nice power balance. The prints and drawings are often sewn and glued on top of each other.

Thematically, my work draws upon an interest in female heroes, martyrs and visual representation conserning gender and sexuality in old art as well as in pop culture; with its exploration of different identities and how this comes to play through narrative. I am particularily interested in young girls and how they have been depicted throughout history, and also, having once been a young girl myself, how my surroundings react towards me. I think a lot back to my teenage years, and how I transformed from being a girl to an adult woman who suddenly became the object of the manly-gaze, and with it those uncomfortable feelings. I look a lot at the human body language. I draw teenagers with hoodies, Converses and slouching. They look away into their own world where they can be protagonists, and where the viewer is not invited to participate. Authority is important, and I want the viewer to feel small, and so I make my works monumental.

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