Hedvig Thorkildsen Jordfeil

Without a brain, colors do not exist. Some say that black is not a color. An object has color because it interacts with light and provides selective reflective reflection. If less than 1% of the light is reflected, the object becomes black; if 90% of all the light is reflected, it becomes white.

Hedvig Thorkildsen has worked on a series of experimental etchings, where the metal is gradually broken down by the acid. The breakdown process of the metal plate is the material and visual starting point for image creation.

Hedvig Thorkildsen (b. 1982, NO) has an MA in Art from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2013). She works with various media such as graphics, installation, and sculpture. She has had several solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

The exhibition is supported by the Bergen Municipality.

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