Samuli Blatter Ray Hegelbach Duo exhibition in the new exhibition space

In their duo exhibition Samuli Blatter and Ray Hegelbach will combine new drawings, prints, collages, and light sculptures in a gloomy installation of mixed emotions. Samuli Blatter (born 1986) lives in Tokyo. He examines drawing as an image-making medium. Thereby, he is interested in different parameters of the drawing such as time, movement, pressure, the speed of the line and its manifestations on the paper. Ray Hegelbach (born 1983) is a visual artist from Oslo. He combines various image reproduction techniques like analog painting, digital print, collage, or chine collé, to convey the sincerity of our daily sentiency.

This exhibition marks the opening of the second gallery space at Trykkeriet. We are excited to open this exhibition together with the exhibition by Eamon O´Kane in our main gallery space.

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