Ciara Phillips exhibition at The Model, Sligo in Ireland


A large part of Ciara Phillip´s exhibition “Love and odd posters” currently shown at The Model, Sligo was produced at Trykkeriet with the support of Laura Gieger and Rita Marhaug. The exhibition is on view from April 1st – June 19th, and received support by the Arts Council Ireland.

Ciara Phillips presents her first large-scale solo exhibition in Ireland at The Model. Bringing together her individual work in print, with her ongoing collaborative artwork, Workshop, the exhibition Love and odd posters creates space for the private, exploratory, and non-verbal aspects of art making to sit alongside the wide-reaching possibilities of collective involvement.

Through Workshop, Phillips transforms The Model’s East Gallery into an active printing studio, using the opportunity of the exhibition to open up discussions with locally based artists, designers and community groups through hands-on making. Unfolding over a number of months, Workshop will make visible the artistic processes of consideration, discussion and production that usually take place away from public view, and proposes that an exhibition can continue to evolve even when the doors of the institution are open and visitors are present.

Ciara Phillips works mostly in printmaking, and her approach is both expansive and experimental. Her ongoing live collaborative artwork, Workshop, which was nominated for a Turner Prize in 2014, has taken place in galleries in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Canada and Australia, and this is its first showing in Ireland. Other recent exhibitions of Phillips’s work have taken place at: 39th EVA International in Limerick (in collaboration with Sara Greavu), 2021; Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 2021; Kunsthall Stavanger, 2019; Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, 2018, and 21st Biennale of Sydney, 2018. In 2020 she was awarded the Queen Sonja Print Award for her contributions to the field of printmaking.

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